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Welcome to the
Grote Business Precinct
Adelaide, South Australia

The Gateway to the Heart of Adelaide

Grote Eco - Carbon Neutral by 2020

Championed by local business leaders and supported by the Lord Mayor of Adelaide and MP Jane Lomax-Smith, Grote Street Business Association Inc (GSBA) was incorporated in May 2000 and Deb Lavis was elected as the inaugural President.

GSBA grew with a strong momentum with the aim to promote the area for shopping and business and to deal with issues in the area including safety and crime prevention, economic development, urban planning and investment growth into precinct.

GSBA soon created a vision statement....

'Vision - Viability, Visibility, Vitality & Variety'

In 2010 Grote Business Precinct celebrated 10 years of achievement!

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Local News
2016-07-03 - Market Quarter the whole experience call 8231 0636
Business Profile
Upstream Health
treatment of people's health working towards achieving wellness.
248 Grote Street Adelaide 5000
Local Feature
Central Bus Station
New Adelaide Central Bus Station to bring thousands of visitors to Grote St
Project Profile
Paper & Cardboard recycling programme
Particularly for local members, this will help highlight the wide ranging initiatives our Executive dedicates its time to.
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Adelaide City Council Graffiti Register
Graffiti - what to do

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